Window tint on residential home

The Benefits of Tinting Your House

Auckland is one of New Zealand’s sunniest cities, characterized by it’s warm, humid climate in the summer and cooler, wet winters. Many homes in Auckland utilise large, spanning windows in an attempt to soak up the picturesque views of the city and surrounding areas. Although these types of windows can often look stunningly expansive, they often come with some challenges. Privacy, sun damage, heating, and glare are just some of the issues you’ll face. If you are experiencing these issues in your home, then maybe tinting your house window could be a viable solution. Below we’ve outlined the benefits of tinting your home.

Save on Energy Costs

What’s not to love about a reduced monthly electricity bill. Tinting the windows of your house is a great way to help lower your heating and cooling costs each month. And what’s best is it’s a one-off expense, as opposed to ongoing energy-hungry options such as air conditioning or heaters. Window tinting is proven to reduce heat transmission from the sun by up to 85%, meaning your home can be kept cooler during the summer months. Even if you have air conditioning, it will ensure your cooling systems don’t have to work as it won’t be continually recycling hot air.

Some window tint films will also contain insulation properties, meaning not only will it reject the summer heat, but insulate from the inside. This means on chilly, winter Auckland nights, up to 40% less heat will be lost through your glass windows. These solar and insulation properties will ensure you have a house that is easily regulated, all year round.

Affordable Privacy

Window tinting does a fantastic job off adding that extra level of privacy for your home. Although tinting will generally only add privacy during the daylight, there are many innovative products that can be used in a variety of ways to help with the privacy of your home. Tinting is often used for privacy where high-traffic areas such as pathways, have direct line-of-sight through your windows. We can custom design tint film and also use it in conjunction with other films, such as frosting. Window frosting will provide full privacy, but still allow light to penetrate through. These options are much more affordable than installing physical structures such as barriers, screens or canopies.

UV & Sun Damage

Window tinting is proven to block 99% of harmful UV rays, meaning you and your family are kept safe from the sun, in the comfort of your own home. UV damage is also responsible for increased wear and tear of timber floors and furnishing. So if your home has timber floors or furniture, it’s strongly recommended to ensure their longevity by adding at least some level of window tinting to any surrounding windows.


Everyone knows the annoyance caused by glare on your TV and computer screens. Make glare a thing of the past, by installing a tint film. The great thing about tinting is you can watch movies and use your computer without having to lock yourself away in a dark room by drawing the curtains.


Many window films come with glass strengthing properties, meaning if an intruder was to try to break in, the film would retain strength, making it harder for a quick getaway. It may even be enough to deter a burglar entirely.

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