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Residential frosting helps to protect your privacy & valuables

The need of privacy is a must in both the home and office. Whether it be for your bathroom, bedroom, entry, balcony or commercial office space – window frosting is the perfect application. One of our professional tinting specialists can fit film to your windows quickly and easily – making your home or office a more comfortable, private place to be.

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Residential Frosted Film Installation for Your Home

Residential Window Frosting Auckland

Installing frosted window films provide the same level of privacy as curtains in your home. This is perfect for evenings, however, during the day you also want to allow plenty of sunlight to fill your home. Window frosting gives you the best of both worlds, providing complete privacy while allowing ample light through to give your home life.

Frost It provide specialist frosted film installation for all rooms in your home, whether you need increased privacy on your balcony, bathroom or bedrooms. Partial frosting is also a popular option when you want to be able to see out through the top of the glass window frame.

We can provide and install frosted window film which will stop visibility from both sides. This type of film is ideal for bathrooms and other rooms where it’s not necessary to see out. Alternatively, we can recommend one-way window films which will allow you to see out but others not to see in.

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4 Benefits to Window Frosting

Residential Window Frosting in Auckland


Window frosting can provide privacy by obscuring the view from outside, making it an ideal solution for conference rooms, offices, and bathrooms.

Aesthetic Appeal

Window frosting can improve the look of a building, making it more modern, sleek, or stylish. It can also be used to create decorative designs, logos, or patterns.


Window frosting can help increase the security of a building by strengthening the glass and making it more difficult to break in. It can also help prevent intruders from seeing into the building and identifying potential targets.

Energy Efficiency

Window frosting can help reduce energy costs by blocking out a significant portion of the sun's heat and harmful UV rays, preventing excess heat from entering a building and making it easier to regulate the temperature.

FAQs for Residential Window Frosting Auckland

Window Frosting is a self adhesive film that can be applied to any glass surface to provide privacy to your living space.

Mainly privacy, frosted windows help by obstructing visibility from the outside while still allowing ample natural sunlight to filter through.

Frosted Window films can be applied to most types of windows providing the glass is smooth. This makes them a versatile window option for providing privacy and aesthetics.

There are a variety of different types of frosting available. Whilst plain frosting is the most popular there is also patterned glass which can help by adding an additional aesthetic appeal to windows.

Depending on the amount of windows requiring frosting, the job can be completed as quickly as inside an hour or take up to a full working day.

We are able to customise and print patterned glass of varying textures depending on what the client needs. Patterned frosting is a popular and durable decorative option.

The cost of window frosting is dependent on the size of the job and the amount of windows involved.

Yes window frosting can typically be removed without doing any damage to the film underneath. We can carefully peel it off after warming the adhesive to ensure the glass stays intact.

Frosted windows can be maintained in a similar manner to normal windows around the house, with some glass cleaner and a fine, micro-fibre cloth.

We can apply window frosting to existing windows by a variety of methods, so there is no need to replace the glass if you wish to get your windows frosted.

Window frosting is typically durable and long-lasting. While the amount of direct sunlight can impact the longevity of the film, high-quality frosting materials can help to ensure durability over time.

Yes, frosted windows can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Whether it’s privacy for a bathroom window in your home, or to establish a sense of security in a meeting place in an office, frosted windows are an effective way to create a private space while maintaining natural light.

Yes, Window Frosting can be applied to any existing glass providing it is smooth and is commonly used in combination with windows or blinds to provide added privacy and aesthetics.

There are no legal building or code requirements for applying window frosting to existing windows, making it easy and effective. The only regulation is around frosted manifestation heights on full size glass doors.

Yes, frosted windows can be installed on the exterior side of windows or glass doors. A common commercial usage is for branding and signage, and while there are regulations around the height of full-size exterior glass doors we are experts and can provide clarity with consultation.